Course Syllabus

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Course Description

This is a fast paced course which covers a variety of fundamental topics in python programming which would be relevant to anyone who needs to write or work with computer code in their work or studies. The course will teach basic programming skills which allow students to solve a variety of real world problems. Additionally some basic algorithms for tasks like sorting will be introduced and analyzed.

Instructor Introduction, Justin Wolford

I am an in instructor in the Online CS program at OSU. I have been working in the online program at OSU for around 8 years now. During my time teaching I have done some contract database work for NASA and some other side programming projects. Prior to teaching I worked on avionics software at Garmin. Other hobbies include flying, playing computer games and wishing 2020 would go away.

My favorite language to program in is Python. But my work at NASA was in C# and my work at Garmin was in C. I also have some C++ and JavaScript experience as well from personal projects and my graduate work which was in Human Computer Interaction where I studied ways to make watching TV more interactive.

I look forward to working with all of you this term.

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Contact Information for Justin Wolford, Instructor

  • Email:
  • Office hours: Thur 2 - 4pm Pacific

Contact Information for Luc Bouchard, TA

  • Email:
  • Office hours:
    • Mon 5-6, Wed 5-6, Fri 1-3, Sun 3-4
    • Zoom Link
    • Password: 106154

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