Course Syllabus

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I am Eric Ianni and I am the creator and instructor for this course. This course is designed to assist students taking CS 162. The content is designed to compliment CS 162's through both reinforcement and enrichment. 


  • makefiles
  • pointers
  • design
  • testing
  • sorts
  • searches
  • inheritance
  • polymorphism
  • recursion
  • linked lists
  • abstract data structures
  • STL and templates

Course Structure

Each week there will be a lab or a project that is due on Monday at midnight. The labs will often lead directly into the following week's project. Each week you will also need to participate on Piazza by answering weekly discussion questions.

My Expectations

This class is manageable if you don't delay starting. Please see the How to Succeed in the Course page for more details for how to be successful. 

Meet the Instructor

Please download the Syllabus PDF: CS199-Syllabus-Summer.pdf

Eric Ianni, Instructor

  • Email: 
  • Please always use your OSU email to contact me.  I will not respond to Canvas Mail.
  • You must include the tag "[CS 199]" in your email subject to get the quickest response from me. You should expect a response to emails within 48 hours. Emails sent over the weekend sometimes take longer to respond to.
  • Please post all course-related questions on the Piazza discussion board so the whole class may benefit from our conversation.  For grading questions, please post a private message on Piazza to the "instructors" 

Topics by Week

Week Topic(s) Assignments
1 Introductions, CS 161 Review, Makefiles, multiple files, and pointers Lab 1 & 2
2 Design and Testing Project 1
3 Inheritance Lab 3
4 Recursion Lab 4 & Project 2
5 Polymorphism Lab 5
6 Linked Lists Lab 6
7 Complexity, Searching and Sorting, Stacks and Queues, Stacks and Queues Lab 8 & Project 3
9 STL, Templates, exceptions Lab 9
The above schedule is part of the Syllabus PDF.
When you have read over the syllabus please take the Syllabus Quiz: Syllabus Quiz

Contact Information:

As per the Syllabus weekly office hours are held Friday at 9 PM Eastern Time. I am also available by appointment. Please only email me directly with questions that apply only to you as an individual and not questions about the course content/assignments. In your email please include the days and times (include time zone) you are available to meet so I can more easily schedule you.

Eric Ianni, Instructor

  • Email: 
  • Please always use your OSU email to contact me.  I will not respond to Canvas Mail. 
  • When you send me an email, you must include the tag "[CS 199]" in your email subject.
  • Office Hours are held every Friday at 9 PM Eastern on WebEx (or other software)

Communication Policy:

Please post all course-related questions on one of the Piazza discussion board. This is so that the whole class can benefit from the answers. As mentioned above, only directly email me with personal inquiries.
Please follow this link for Piazza

This class also has an official OSU Slack channel: You have all been added to it automatically. Please see the OSU Slack for more details.

Course Summary:

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