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  • Due Jan 10, 2019 at 11:59pm
  • Points 10
  • Questions 1
  • Available until Jan 10, 2019 at 11:59pm
  • Time Limit None
  • Allowed Attempts Unlimited


To complete this assignment, first carefully read the project choices listed on the Available Projects page. You have two options for joining project groups.


You may find two other team-members via the discussion board/email/slack/etc. and then enter each other's ONIDs at the top of this form to get into a group together. You are not required to fill out the rest of the form. However, you cannot select a real-world (industry sponsored) project this way. If you're sure you'll be working with these people, you don't need to provide additional choices. If your team is already formed, you also don't need to submit a Discussion board post that talks about your student-created project: just make sure you each enter the ONIDs of your other two team members. You do not need to email me for permission.


You may select four projects you are interested in and enter their IDs below. You will then be placed into groups with matching interests by the instructor!

As many projects as possible will be filled with 3 people; it's possible that a couple of projects will only have 2 team members. If all 3 slots for a group cannot be filled for a given project, you may be placed in your second, third, or even fourth choice in order to better fill groups. Once placed, the Instructor will probably be unwilling to try to move you around again afterwards.

Additional important notes:

  • Be aware that if you prioritize any of the pre-written Web or Command-Line projects in your submission above the real-world (industry sponsored) projects, then you will not be selected for the real-world (industry sponsored) projects, as there is always space to create additional pre-written project group, but each real-world (industry sponsored) project is only able to support one project team.
  • You must list at least one of the pre-written Web or Command-Line projects in your submission as your fourth choice. In other words, do not list only student-created projects. That way, if none of the others work out, I can place you into the pre-written project of your choice, for which there is guaranteed a spot. The only exception to this requirement is if you're working with a pre-built team on a non-Real Industry project.
  • If you're prioritizing one of the real-world (industry sponsored) projects, make sure you (extremely briefly) describe your qualifications for the project at the bottom of the quiz.

Submission Format

Your answers are fed into a program that assigns groups automatically. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in a loss of points and/or random group assignment. Not fun!

Each pre-written, real-world (industry sponsored), or student-created project has a discussion board post associated with it. Each one has a unique URL like: To request to be placed on a team with that project, copy the topic ID number (8389556, in this case) into the text box to complete the URL. It is very important that you enter the correct number, as the automatic grouping script will place you into groups based on matching numbers.


One final, very important note: this assignment CANNOT be turned in late, as groups need to be assigned ASAP. If you do not submit this assignment on time, then not only will you receive a zero for it, but you'll be placed into a random group on a random project.

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