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Course Description

Introduction to the "back end" of the software engineering lifecycle implementation; verification and validation; debugging; maintenance.

Prerequisites: CS 261

Other Prereqs:

Experience with object-oriented programming and data structures (e.g., CS 161, CS 162, CS 261). CS 361 is recommended but not required.

Instructor Introduction, Wendy Roberts

To introduce myself, my name is Wendy Roberts, and I’m a full time Software Engineer and part time Instructor. This is my second term teaching at OSU and prior to this, I taught for a little over 3 years at Linn-Benton Community College. I’ve been a Software Engineer for most of my career, working in various industries; Defense, Ecommerce, Computer Security, and Financial Applications. Currently I work at a small company in Corvallis that provides automated lumber scanning and optimization through propriety sensors, sophisticated algorithms, and artificial intelligence. I absolutely love Software Engineering, each day is a new challenge, and I’ve never regretted my career choice or thought about changing career fields.

Most of my code these days is in C#, C++, Python, and Java. I’ve worked with all the major database systems. I’m a huge proponent of using Agile Development processes and Test-Driven Development. I’ve seen the industry change with Unit Testing techniques, and I know the quality of my software is improved. It’s been many years since I’ve worked with a QA team now that I’m able to build in automated verification, validation, and regression testing with Unit Testing techniques and Continuous Integration servers.

I teach part time because I enjoy working with students and sharing what I’ve learned during my career. I know firsthand the benefits of education and lifelong learning and I like to convey that to students. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in this career field after my first programming class long ago, but it took hold and I’ve enjoyed my choices ever since. I like to encourage students who struggle through the learning process and begin to see that they can master the skills needed for this field. I’m here because I love learning and I love working with students who want to learn. It’s a real privilege to be at OSU and to journey through this learning process with you.

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