Course Syllabus


Course Name: Discrete Structures in CS  Course Number: CS225_401

Term Offered: All Terms 

Credits: 4 

Instructor's Name: Samina Ehsan

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Discrete mathematics is fundamental in algorithm design, cryptography, graph theory, logic, sets, and computability. It also has applications to compilers, software engineering, architecture, databases, algorithms, data structures, and operating systems.

This "Discrete Structures in CS" course is only a one-term course, so there are a lot of topics that it doesn’t cover or doesn’t cover in much depth. But the hope is that this will help you to develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills that you will need in the future. 

The subjects covered in this course include a formal approach to the logic of Computer Science, including set theory, methods of proof, sequences and summations, recurrence relations, combinatorics, and graph theory. 

The course structure includes -
  • Weekly Readings
  • Video Lectures
  • Q&A and Discussions on Piazza 
  • Homework Assignments
  • Weekly Quizzes ( will not be proctored )
  • Midterm exam ( needs to be proctored. For more information please visit you need assistance please contact or 541-737-9281. )
  • Final Exam ( needs to be proctored. For more information please visit you need assistance please contact or 541-737-9281. )




My name is Samina Ehsan. I am the instructor for the course " DISCRETE STRUCTURES IN CS (CS_225_401_W2019".  You will be able to know about me right here -  Samina Ehsan


Contact Information

My office hours are on Tuesdays from 18:00 -20:00 PST(by appointment)  and Sundays 9:00 -11:00 PST (by appointment)  via (Google chat/email/skype/etc.)



Communication Policy

  • Piazza is the best way to reach me for any course related query. We can refer back to our previous discussions here and also as it will be visible to the entire class. So, the other students will be able to get benefit from it.  Not all posts require a reply from me and often it is better for students to hash out an answer to a question. But please inform me if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours.
  • Sending email  is the preferred way to only for matters of a personal nature related to the course (Please include the prefix CS-225_401_W19 in the subject). If needed, we can use Skype or Google Hangout for discussion. Please resend the email if I do not respond within 24 hours. 
  • I will maintain virtual office hours using the class account Please do not send emails here as I do not check this account for emails frequently. 

The detailed guidelines+syllabus for the course are provided in the following document - 

CS225_40X_Course_Guidelines_ Syllabus_Winter2019.pdf

The weekly schedule for the course are provided in the following document-

CS225_40X_Abbreviated Weekly Schedule_Winter2019.pdf

TA Information:

Please create a private post on Piazza or send a personal email to set an appointment at least 12 hours before you need help. Let the instructor know if you do not get a response from the TA within 6 hours. 

Tutoring Information:

Please follow the tutoring information below if you need any course on-boarding support from the peer or ecampus tutors -


1. CS peer tutoring: Tutoring_annoucement.pdf

2. Online tutoring: 


Welcome to Week 1 (January 7 - January 13). This week we will have -

  • Learning objectives :

After successful completion of this week, you will learn about - 

 -  Propositions

 -  Logical Form and Equivalence

  - Conditional Statements 


  • To-Do list : 

Please complete the following tasks -

1) Introduce yourself on Piazza. 


2) Read the syllabus page, course guidelines, and weekly schedule documents thoroughly. Mark your calendar with the due dates.

3) Take the syllabus quiz.  You will find it here -

Syllabus Quiz

4) In order to achieve these learning objectives, please make sure to complete the following tasks:-

  • Perform the required readings ( Including the CIE topics). For your convenience, I have posted .pdf copy of chapter 2 of the required textbook.

Chapter 2

  • Watch the lectures (You will find the .pdf of the lecture slides here -

Lecture Slides.PDF Files ).

  • Submit Homework Assignment 1.



Course Summary:

Date Details Due