Course Syllabus


This course is divided into three main sections which are largely addressed sequentially:

Layout and Styling
The first portion of the class focus on the static layout and styling of a web page (HTML/CSS). For some, this may be a review if you have done web publishing in the past. There is quite a bit of information to take in here but the problems to solve are not that intricate.
Client Side Interaction
The second portion of the class focuses on JavaScript and making interactive web pages in the browser. Things like forms that will display an error message if a password is too short or creating a drop down menus are things that will be covered in this portion of the class.
Server Side Interaction
In this portion of the class, we look at using a very simple database to store data between website visits. The technologies we will be using this term are Node.JS and MySQL. In addition, we look at how we can track a user and data from page to page which is a critical first step in designing more complex systems like shopping carts for an online shopping website.


This course has three types of assignments:

HW Assignment:
You will have six assignments this term, each is given one week to finish (except the last one, you will have 12 days).  You will write a website or make some functions working using required techniques to meet the constraints.  The assignments will be graded on how well they meet the requirements.
The activities are graded as pass/fail (10/0) based on efforts.  You need to show that you did the required practice and tried your best to make the code working.
This is a research-based project.  You need to build a website based on the knowledge you learn in this course to meet some requirements.

Grade Weighting

  • Activities/Exercise - 25%
  • Homework Assignments - 50%
  • Project - 10%
  • Final Exam - 15%

Grading Policy

Grade letter Percentage floor
A 92
A- 90
B+ 87
B 82
B- 80
C+ 77
C 72
C- 70
D+ 67
D 62
D- 60
F 0

Course Summary:

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