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You can learn about the course here:  Read This First

You can learn about the instructor here: (Links to an external site.)

You can read the rationale for the assessments used here.  

You can read about the instructional strategies here.  

You can find the syllabus quiz here.



This is the full syllabus.  

This is a summary Work Schedule CS 361 Summer.docx of class activities.  



Much of the work in this course is in individual groups.  The answer to the same question might have different answers!  Please discuss it within your group.  Then ask your assigned grader.  If you have questions about the course expectations or requirements then please ask your grader or the instructor.  

The graders and their contact information are assigned here: Who is Grading Whom

The instructor information is here: Instructor Information & Communication Policy

The instructor's email address is  

TA office hours are on demand.  Many questions are specific to the group's project so please ask them for help!  

You can also ask questions on Piazza.  The link is on the navigation tab on the left.  

The instructor schedules online sessions.  If you can't make one of those just ask!  I'll schedule one when you can attend!  

Slack is here.  I'm open to suggestions as to how you want to use it for this course.  



The work in this course produces design and requirements documents, and diagrams.  In addition you will produce static and dynamic prototypes.  Your group can choose the tool(s) which best enables you to produce these products.  The final prototype must be interactive, i.e. it must include links for controls to show the next screen.  Once you understand the project requirements you can decide for yourselves.  

Everyone must be able to access the tool(s).  Some group member might have access to a custom tool through their work.  But if it requires a company account to access it then please do not use it.  The project should be produced by everyone.  




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